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If you have made the decision to resume training using weights this year that is ending, or if you turn out to be a seasoned veteran who does not think what kind of shoes to use when lifting weights, it is very likely that you opt for shoes that are already in your closet, which is a possible that consists of a pair of shoes somewhat worn with thick and fluffy soles.

But to maintain a great performance in the weight room when they come to make the heavy instrument lifts as it is the deadlift and squats, it is important to wear a shoe that is specially designed for training. As for bodybuilders and weightlifters from the old school, it seems better to use Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars when lifting large iron, since this classic shoe has a flat, solid outsole and the upper part It is made of resistant canvas, and has little “fall” in the distance of the heel and the front of the foot and provides more comfort, safety when lifting weights. And when it comes to squats, when lifting weights and those who are mainly engaged in this kind of training practically choose an Olympic weight lifting shoe, which consists of a hard sole, Velcro belts added for stability and an increase of firmness in the heel which serves when doing squats.

However, it is better for most men to choose a new pair of workout shoes, made especially for that kind of training providing the stability needed for any type of lifting as well as the lightweight flexibility of a cross trainer for series of sessions HITT. That is why today there are different types of footwear for different types of exercises thus giving greater support for the heels, the upper part offers greater adjustment, thus allowing the foot to breathe, and the upper part of the shoe is wider allowing the foot to extend, which allows to maintain stability. Why is it of great importance to wear the correct shoes when training?

Although the exercise you decide to do involves running, walking, doing any kind of sport or using a gym equipment, correct workout shoes are important. Many of the injuries are caused by the incorrect use of the shoe, model can make the search for a better physical condition or attempt to lose weight unnecessarily fail. Being able to invest in a quality footwear can be favorable to avoid any kind of damage to the foot and ankles and, in this way, to make the training a more pleasant and pleasant routine.

Choose the right shoes

The American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society advises that the shoe model you choose will depend on the sport that is most practiced. If you do an exercise class three times a week or more, you should choose a suitable workout shoes.

The Mckinley Health Center suggests trying on shoes in the afternoon, at night or after training, since the feet are somewhat swollen then. And trying on footwear with sports socks to be sure of the support and standing to ensure they fit perfectly.

It is advisable to leave a space of half an inch between the big toe and the tip of the shoe and be sure that the toes can move freely. The shoe must also be bent in order to be sure that it is not too flexible, as this may show a failure in the support.

Benefits of choosing the right shoes

Choosing the appropriate workout shoes serves to prevent more frequent injuries which are related to the training class. A good pair of shoes can reduce the hit of the march and lessens the descent of the feet. Likewise, the determined athletic footwear can achieve improved performance, which facilitates the trajectory changes quickly.

Injuries caused by the use of incorrect footwear

The wrong workout shoes can cause a range of injuries. Also the most notorious injuries, which are the tensions of the ankle and fractures, bunions and corns, as well as other amount of injuries that are somewhat unknown by many but are still very frequent.

Among them is the metatarsalgia, which is a circumstance that is shown as a pain in the metatarsus of the foot, which can be worsened using a shoe not suitable to be performed for training.

Replace your Workout Shoes

The use of workout shoes does not provide adequate protection for the feet during training. This is explained by the Michigan State University’s Olin Health Center, footwear should be changed after every 350 to 500 miles. So 20 miles are done each week, shoes must be replaced every 20 to 25 weeks. Net Wellness recommends not getting carried away by the deterioration of the shoes from the steps. Instead of it, it is necessary to check the soles of footwear which damaged earlier.

Let’s see some shoe models with good features for Workout:


It is almost impossible not to fall in love with this type of footwear which is super light, receptive and firm of the Inov-8. Which are an improved version of the F-Lite 235, becoming better practically in everything, having a firmer adjustment, a density of 40% in rubber heel with a much more flexible outsole. Achieving to feel lower and connected to the floor, with the weight almost of a pen and give a step light enough and at the same time safe, no matter the kind of exercise.

Shoes can feel strongly molded on your feet while at the same time providing a great flexibility of firmness. It also has a “Power Wheel” which is made of compact rubber, along with an integrated heel lock belt and a drop of zero from the heel to the tips of the fingers. Allowing the tip to be stylized and wide, with an upper part made of woven mesh for ventilation, and the sides have a bad coverage that facilitates heating.

Dimensions: Big run
Heel down to the forefoot: 0 mm
Weight: 235 grams

The problem is what just calls attention to people from the beginning, its light structure. Being quite lightweight, they do not seem to be so resistant and last a long time after exploiting huge amounts of iron for several weeks. It also facilitates running long trajectories, being a very good footwear for workouts being light, blocked and malleable at the time of lifting.

This type of footwear as its name implies, are truly excavated the light weight and innovation that they achieved with the tongue, instead of having a separate tongue in the middle that moves at the time of beginning the exercises, a part of the top side is more extensive and wraps around the part from above the foot to hold it placidly without moving.

This shoe also has a neck made of foam that supports the ankle and heel, making it feel much lighter and tight, although several times it will feel much tighter on the top of the foot, even if it truly the laces are fastened a lot. The upper part for the toes is quite comfortable and quite wide, also has a great ventilation for the feet at the time of sweating.

Dimensions: true to its size
Heel down to the forefoot: 4 mm
Weight: 235 grams

The Vibram sole is compact and sufficiently adherent to achieve a huge drag without damaging your lifts, and in the REVlite midsole it is adequately soft providing some flexibility. They would be much better if they had more support in the heel part, but in general is a very good option for those who enjoy light footwear, but with a great support when training in a gym.

The Asics could be said to be entertaining at the time of using it to lift, and despite being heavier, although they really do not feel like it when they are in the gym. You can see the width of his toe box and the heel is firm and flat that gives greater ease when performing the squats, meanwhile the forefoot sole lit something to increase the feeling of comfort.

At the time of regulating the heat is great, since in the upper part and the upper part of the forefoot was created with mesh panels that let an enormous amount of heat pass, which gives a greater sensation of lightness and airiness during its use. The back half of the shoe is covered by synthetic leather which is resistant to friction and tear which is called Rhino Skin which gives the sensation of lasting a lot and has a nice matt metallic shine which makes them more striking in indigo blue.

Dimensions: true to its size
Heel down to the forefoot: 4 mm
Weight: 320 grams

Another charming feature of the shoes, is that on the top of the tongue there is a small pocket, where you can store the tips of shoelaces so that they do not loosen in interfere with the workouts, such as pushing a sled, jump the rope. In conclusion in a good mid-level footwear that, despite being somewhat heavy, is quite broad and consistent.

Many were somewhat distrustful about the UA, since they looked something huge and clumsy with training shoes. Also, the bulky rubber forefoot coverage, although good to withstand friction and feel firm, and implied that the shoe was focused on making your feet sweat from the start of training.

But when you start using them, they become completely the opposite of what they seemed, since at no time do they give you the sensation of discomfort or humidity. Although they are not the heaviest shoes in the circle, they look like that. But this kind of shoes work well and give the feeling of being quite light once they are on.

Dimensions: true to its size
Heel down to the forefoot: 10 mm
Weight: 297 grams

An important advantage is that the Charged Ultimate also has an internal cover made of very nice foam which is suitable for the top and the ends of the feet, which gives a feeling of stability and adjustment. The midsole is comfortable enough to provide some bounce, but not enough to dampen the force when making lift. The back of the shoe likewise has a “heel counter”, which gives a sense of seclusion to the entanglement with the squats.

Uzafit offers an innovative footwear for any kind of exercise and sport, since it is designed for the most demanding athletes. Which offers greater and light protection, being breathable and flexible, modifying the rules of the game for athletes and bodybuilders around the world thanks to its great performance in different types of weight training, squats, deadlifts, cardio, boxing, CrossFit and obstacle exercises. Giving greater confidence to athletes in the gym and during the exercise will grow knowing that it has the most firm and comfortable movements, thanks to its anatomical soles.

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