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Weightlifting Shoes 2018

Importance of good shoes

It seems like something to ignore, but the truth is not, using the right shoes is vital when lifting weights, the advantage of wearing Olympic shoes is that it allows the torso to be in a more vertical position, which reduces the effort of the lumbar spine while also increasing the participation of the quadriceps muscles. With these shoes you are a bit taller and lifting the heels helps to keep the athlete more upright during the lifting process and helps the lifters prevent a collapse in the first digital metatarsal segment of the foot, which can be caused due to imbalances in the lower muscles of the body.

What you need to know about Weightlifting

Weightlifting is a sport that consists of lifting the maximum weight possible in a bar whose ends are fixed several discs, which are what determine the final weight that rises to said set is called dumbbell.
To know better this sport it is necessary to make clear that there are two modalities of competition:
One is the torn and the other is two time or clean. The first one is about lifting the weights, once and without interruption, from the floor to the full extension of the arms as high as possible over the head. In the second, the same thing must be achieved, but an interruption in movement is allowed when the bar is at the top of the shoulders.

Weightlifting, where was it developed?

It was developed in Europe during the 19th century, although it has a history in previous times. In 1905 the International Weightlifting Federation was founded, which regulates this sport. The weightlifting was part of Olympic sports in the Olympic Games of Athens 1896 and those of Saint Louis 1904. Although it disappeared in 1908, it was reincorporated in the games of Antwerp 1920. The female category did not enter the program until the Games Olympic Games of Sydney 2000.
In the gymnasiums of weight lifting specific accessories are required for the practice of this sport, such as:

  • Bars (crowbar)
  • Discs (from 1-2-2,5-5-10-15-20- and 25 kg), parallels for bars, heels of heights, benches (seat), platform, magnesia and others.
  • It is noteworthy that it is considered as the most genuine of strength sports, but also requires great skill and an exceptional mental attitude.
  • Lifting weights implies a thorough training to achieve the development of the athlete on the platform, forcing all the muscles of his body to perform an action that far exceeds the sum of the partial resources of the individual.

A brief history of Weightlifting

Weight lifting is probably one of the oldest sports. We can place its origins around the year 3600 a.C. in China, there the emperors practiced exercises of forces. Also in the Chow dynasty (1122 a.C) the soldiers, as a requirement to join the army, had to lift a series of pesos.

Weightlifting Shoes

The ancient Greeks carried weights in their hands when practicing the long jump, in the belief that they were allowed to achieve longer jumps; in fact, the word Haltera, is of Greek origin and belongs to the root of the verb to jump. Most historians point to the Greek fighter Milo de Crotona as the pioneer of weightlifting. The 6th century a. C in Greece was known as the Age of Force, the lifting of large stones laid the foundations of the current weightlifting.

In the nineteenth century, mainly in Central Europe, there was a custom of performing displays of strength in taverns, raising an iron bar with huge metal balls at the ends. At the end of that century, the weightlifting was an almost exclusive dedication of circus professionals, such as the Saxon brothers. Later it began to take place with amateur character, organizing competitions between clubs.

Weightlifting In the modernity

In the first modern Olympiad, held in Athens in 1896, the weightlifting was included as an Olympic sport. The Englishman Launceston Elliot stood out with a single hand, 71 Kg. In Paris in 1900 the competition was not held, in the Olympic Games of Sant Louis 1904, the Greek Pericles Karakousis managed to lift 111.57 Kg. Later there were eight years without rising, and returned to be included in Antwerp in 1920. The participants were already divided into categories according to their weight: pen, light, medium, heavy. In 1928 in Amsterdam three modalities were instituted: start-up, development and time. Later in Munich 1972 new categories of weight are introduced: fly and super heavy. Currently competes in two modes: start and two times.

Weightlifting Today

The International Weightlifting Federation now has 167 member nations. Approximately ten thousand weightlifters participate annually in official competitions; however, it is an indispensable tool for the development of endurance for all sports and billions of people around the world prefer training with bars for the sake of their physical form. The entry figures of the world championships have increased year after year. The participation record was registered in the 1999 World Championships in Athens, Greece, with a total of 660 athletes from 88 participating countries.

What to use to practice Weightlifting?

When the person decides to practice any kind of sport, the first thing that must consider what this discipline consists of, how to practice it and what kind of clothes or shoes are ideal for training.
In this article, we will show what kind of shoes you really should use for good practice and performance when putting on weight lifting action. So what kind of shoes should you use to lift weights and that this does not affect your performance as an athlete?

For this practice of weight lifting you should have these points to consider:

The high heels help you stay more upright during weight lifting and prevent a collapse in the first digital metatarsal segment of the foot caused by imbalances of the lower body musculature.

Olympic shoes could help you initially in your weight lifting practice, but could in some way hamper subsequent performance. A curious fact is that most of the lifters who make records do not wear Olympic shoes.
It is to emphasize that if you have a squat position where quadriceps predominate with the closest knees, or have goals of hypertrophy, the Olympic shoes may be suitable for your practices. Or in such a case that you have a position of dominant weight elevation of the hip with a medium amplitude and strength goals, flat shoes can help you improve your performance.
Many beginners in this sport have struggled to reach 300 pounds, having long legs, short torso and long arms, many have built what is known as deadlifts.

Importance of good shoes

Weightlifting Shoes

It seems to be something to ignore, but the truth is not, the advantage of using Olympic shoes is that it allows the torso to be in a more vertical position, which reduces the effort of the lumbar spine while also increasing the participation of the quadriceps muscles. With these shoes you are a bit taller and, lifting the heels help to keep the athlete more upright during the lifting process and help the lifters more to prevent a collapse in the first digital metatarsal segment of the foot, which can be caused by imbalances in the lower musculature of the body.

Flat or elevated shoes for Weightlifting

According to experts in the field, Olympic shoes helped many in their beginnings as weightlifters, but over time according to stories from themselves, it seemed that these shoes affected their performance in some way.


To solve this puzzle we must examine how the elevation of the heel affects the mechanics of the elevations, in squats with body weights and in moderate squats of intensity and if that translates into squats near, or in, maximum repetition.
Other theories regarding the benefits of Olympic shoes is with at least one heel 2 inches high, refers to increased mobility of the ankle, which decreases tension in some of the lower body musculature. This can help with knee control, while pronation of the foot is reduced.

In fact, there have not been many studies carried out with weightlifting with Olympic shoes but the sales speak for themselves, where most athletes buy their Nike or Converse canvas shoes at low cost and for having a fixed and hard sole .
Apparently, the use of shoes is dependent on how this sport is practiced, because Sato et al, showed that subjects who used Olympic shoes in weightlifting with 60% of their 1RM, experienced a decrease in torso inclination towards ahead. That decrease results in the decrease of leverage forces imposed on the lower back.

They used 60% because they found that the use of 80% of 1RM varied the speed of the squat of the athletes, which altered the kinematics of the squat

This knowledge can be good for strength coaches who train with inexperienced athletes. Olympic shoes with high heels could help beginners and intermediates to maintain a more upright posture and therefore better shape.

It would be good for the coaches that you consider in the sports shoes that everyone should use. It is worth mentioning that a quick examination of sports shoes especially for elite weightlifting shows that most of them are not wearing Olympic shoes.
It is to remember that the use of special shoes for weight lifting has been referred to in this article in several very important aspects to consider when deciding and going to see in a store either on the web or in physics, accessories including some good shoes to carry out your new training.

It is noteworthy that everything depends on the point of view of the professional and his experience, in giving an exact analysis of which brand to see or buy. Some sports articles point out that the ideal shoes for lifting weights are those that have a heel, because this allows you a certain posture when you are going to raise your arms holding the bar. Others emphasize that the best shoe for optimal stability are Converse type canvas that has a very hard sole and its price is low cost.

As described above, in the world of sports every discipline must have its accessories, for example in the world of the skateboard “Sk8” the competitor since child, adolescent and adult when practicing must have the right shoes, his helmet, his knee pads and a series of special boards to skate perfectly. Many practitioners of this sport in terms of brand refers to like to skate with Vans shoes, because this type of shoes is comfortable and their material more resistant to “scrape” the sandpaper of the skateboard to the leather of the shoe and facilitate better access in the lift.

Other competitors prefer the Adidas brand in different types of sports, in fact their sales through web pages, statistical data show that it has been growing in record numbers in recent years. To give an example when we see on the TV any type of sports competition, we note that according to the specialty is the preferred brand of the athlete itself. If we see a football match on the European continent we note that the vast majority of players wear Adidas shoes as an official mark, either sponsorship or because they feel comfortable with the shoes.

If we see a baseball game in the United States, it may be noted that most of the shoes used in the games are the Nike brand. Then everything seems to indicate that according to the sport and its styles are the preferences of the brand of clothing as such. For what you like the Adidas brand for example the shoe type or black boot with its peculiar three stripes in white are a dream.

The Uzafit store offers shoes suitable for Weightlifting, ideal to practice weight lifting with the best price at the time of needing and acquiring them.

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