High Top Training Shoes

High Top Training Shoes

When finding the right shoes, magic happens immediately. From running at a higher speed, to being able to lift more weight, thus, increasing confidence when carrying out any kind of movement. Here we present the 12 most recent styles, which were subject to a series of sweat tests to increase any type of training.

OCR, Mud Run and Spartan Race Shoes

This sport is a system of physical conditioning based on constantly varied exercises, with functional training movements, executed at high intensity.

The CrossFit is a training technique that links movements of different disciplines at the same time, such as: weightlifting, metabolic training or gymnastics, all with the aim of maintaining a purely corporal stability.

The CrossFit aims to develop human abilities and capacities: as cardiovascular and respiratory resistance, durable muscular endurance, strength, better flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, better balance and precision. By exposing the person to as many scenarios and combinations of movements as possible, an adaptation is achieved that prepares them for the unknown and the unlikely.

CrossFit today

Not having enough confidence is no longer going to be an excuse to skip any obstacles at the moment of running a trajectory. A mixture of hexagonal tongues and with some sort of serpent aspect in the external sole of this corridor of paths that helps to seize threads and walls. It has a strengthened arch that provides stability when used on trunks, running on sand or wet roads and, also has an abundant cushioning which manages to reduce the impact. The edges located in the back facilitates the hooking of the leggings if your intention to keep the stockings dry, but the top part composed of a porous mesh allowing a quick drainage if they were to sink in the mud.

Footwear for running at a distance

The arch of these workout shoes is dislocated, and although the stitches do not have seams, they are flexible, being resistant, which is why it surrounds the middle part of the foot to provide a personalized support for the arch. A tested expressed that when using the shoes, he felt that these were stuck to his foot during a six-mile race. The midsole is made of small balls joined together to accumulate the energy that is created by the foot at the time of contact with the ground and then affects the step to achieve forward momentum, making the long walks become easier .

Trail running shoes

This kind of durable footwear gives an impressive drag on everything, including slippery and wet trails, also loose and sandy roads, but still allows the movement with naturalness giving the sensation of agility and control. The rubber band rubs the Achilles heel like a protective tape, isolating the ankle in place for the foot to not move during the shutdown of the descents or in closed turns. Avoiding that the difficult terrain can be felt, thanks to a plate made of stone that has the shoe in the part of the heel and also in the front part of the foot.

CrossFit footwear

This model of shoes has a cup of fortified heel that gives the sensation of rootedness in the course of heavy lifts and wall balls, and rubber band on the fingers that serves to cushion the feet and the floor during the course of the burpees and the wall in the course of the push-ups. Small rubber dents that cover the arches making the rope less challenging. The footwear is light and elastic, so it will stay light during the sprints of 400 meters and are completely small to move in and out of the oars without any inconvenience.

Cross training footwear

It is necessary this one type of footwear for the days of gymnasium, because you do not know perfectly what is the exercise you are going to realize. It has enough elasticity and cushioning to run a few miles on a walker, it is also completely tiny to stay stuck to the ground during a circuit of strength and provides a durable lateral support so you can feel restrained during a class full of plyometric exercises. It has a special range under the forefoot and heel which decreases in impact.

Stylish shoes

It is known that style is important, especially when referring to a workout shoes that is intended to be used for more than just the gym. And this is a great reason why testers prefer this shoe model. The scheme has personality, but not as dynamic, since the upper part of the shoes gives fresh improvement. Also, they are easy to slip in and out of the foot without some kind of seam. It has a procedure of flexible cord without knots which makes them easier, becoming perfect for the metamorphosis of yoga to an outing with friends. And does not generate any kind of blisters because it has a buffer system based on memory foam that gives the feet a firm TLC during the fast walks.

Running coaches

If you have a 5K or 10K, this type of sports shoes is great. Since it has a 50% lighter cushioning than the standard EVA foam which is used in many types of running shoes, for this reason they tend to feel faster when using them. The heel cup is molded to the point that it adapts to the heel with movement, giving the necessary amount of support and space for movement.

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Intervals and racing shoes

This running shoe is light and fast without losing the cushioning required for training moments. An elastic meteor that passes through the center of the sole gives greater support for the arch and thus, prevent the feet from fainting inward or turning outwards when they hit the ground or the treadmill.

Mountain shoes

The difference of this mountain footwear that need some laps to enter, is that once they are used they are totally and quickly comfortable. The sole is wrapped by two kinds of lug, one of which is a larger central band that serves to maintain balance on the loose floor and has a less brusque outer ring which gives the feeling of firmness on smooth surfaces. Do not be fooled by leather and suede, as they are completely waterproof and easy to clean.

In the inner part of the shoe there is a seam that conserves the strong elements, so if the rain catches you or you step on a puddle, your feet will remain dry.

Aerobic shoes

This kind of cross trainer was made to jump class, they also give the feeling of almost having forgotten that they have their shoes on, but that despite of that they provide protection when attacking a heavy bag while in a class of kick boxing. The bow is tight and stable for exercises involving quick cuts and side steps, such as cardio dance. Said footwear is adjusted, so it does not leave much room for movement, eliminating any concerns regarding landslides.

Lifting shoes

The lightweight heel of this 4mm shoe helps keep your weight back so you can squat in low and deadlift crouches while you manage to feel like you’re on the floor. Rigid pleats that surround the back of the footwear, and a firm sole reduces the swing when you perform heavier or one-legged exercises. They are also completely small to perform another training class, especially in the HIIT sessions.

Other 3 very good workout shoes options

One of the best running shoes

Reebok ZPump Fusion

When Reebok launched its Pump technology for the first time in 1989, that moment was simply a first. Contrary to now, which is a component that gives a turn to things. Since at the moment of pressing a small pump that in the footwear this will be enlarged to form a safe and also personalized adjustment making the other shoes come to feel like sandals.

One of the best shoes for weight training

Brooks Ravenna 6

Thanks to its great body mass, athletes who are responsible for lifting weights require a footwear to have greater support and safety in the joints and grant shock absorption. The Ravenna 6 provide these two, has a sole that manages to adapt which adjusts to the weight and pronation of the foot.

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One of the best shoes for strength exercises

Nike MetCon 1

They are designed to help achieve circuits and heavy lifting, this type of footwear is light, comfortable and rough. The slightest change in height between the heel and the tip of the foot enables firmness and its sole with a flexible center increases traction for climbing ropes.


Nowadays advertising does not fill with huge styles and brands of training shoes, and it brings fashion so changeable that we have the obligatory need to go to acquire the new footwear every time we see it in some propaganda showing the new styles and models that enter the market.

But this is when you have to ask an important question. Are you really wearing the right shoes to train? Regarding to the sport you do, is it the right shoe for your feet?

To choose the training shoe you must choose the right shoe to train properly, thus, preventing may be to suffer some type of injury by the passing of time or as a result that cannot develop the maximum level of effort at the time of practicing some sport.

It is super important to know that there are shoes practically for any branch of sport, such as running and jogging, walking, climbing, cycling, playing tennis, football, basketball, aerobics, lifting weights.

An important point is that before choosing the right footwear one must have knowledge about the biomechanics of the body, such as the weight, the floor in which one is going to train, the shape of the foot, and also the sport to be performed.

It is also recommended that before purchasing shoes you should know the type of footprint you have, then some tips that will help you when choosing a footwear model according to the type of foot:

Standard foot: this model of footwear is the best sold and the easiest to find, you have to pay attention in the heel of the shoe and the front must be joined by a sole with air chamber to reduce the fall, and you have to also take into account that the shoes have ventilation.

Flat foot: is when the foot type supports almost the entire floor, in this case the sports shoes must have enough stability without much curvature as this would not give the necessary stability and could cause some type of injury.

Feet of pronounced arc: this type of foot the whole weight of the body falls on the external arc, it is of great importance to find shoes with air chamber to prevent the foot from moving excessively and thus, avoid any injury.

Once the type of foot has been identified, it is required to choose the shoe model according to the sport that is practiced, then we show you some tips that should be considered when choosing a sports shoe.

▪ If the training sessions are held in a gym; the “training” style is the correct option, since they give firmness and are great for cardio, fitness, CrossFit and aerobics, have lateral movement control, the sole is wider than that of the model shoes ” running “so they add more stability in the foot.

▪ If you want to run, the model running shoe is great, you should pay attention to the shape of the foot and footprint, ensuring that when you use them you can move your fingers inside the shoe.

▪ For walking, this footwear is softer at the top, it must also have a good shock absorption and has a natural arching when walking.

▪ If, on the other hand, playing sports on courts such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, among others, footwear must be solid and must have a firm sole, which provides support to the sides unlike running shoes since this footwear provides support at the top.

▪ To perform outdoor sports such as soccer, football, baseball, shoes must have cleats, nails or brackets on the sole, it is advisable to try them with the socks that are normally used at the time of training and if possible also later of having trained, this way the feet will be inflamed and it will be possible to know which is the best footwear that adapts to the feet.

Uzafit, is a brand of shoes that will revolutionize the sports market, since it is focused on quite demanding athletes. Since the footwear provides a light, breathable and elastic protection, allowing the wearer to move like a professional. Uzafit shoes truly change the rules of the game for athletes and bodybuilders worldwide thanks to their great performance in all kinds of training that include weights, squat, but dead, cardio, boxing, CrossFit and exercises with obstacles in the gym. Thus, increasing the confidence of those who use this brand of footwear when performing any sport.

Uzafit shoes are made for those athletes who demand comfort, style, especially performance, since this kind of footwear is diligently designed for bodybuilders and athletes who enjoy the life of the gym being incredibly light, thus, providing great stability, comfort and Pretty style for workouts. Being shoes made 100% by hand by highly trained specialist with the best leather materials.

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