Fitness Shoes 2018

Much of the good performance in sports is due to the attire we wear, when we do it well every garment has a specific purpose, the wristbands for example avoid over flexion or help when someone is injured so that that person can continue training, the same with knee pads, shoulder pads and so on with each garment.

As we all know there are shoes for every situation: business, graduations, parties, a day at the beach or anything we can imagine. These situations have a small benefit in terms of generating more money or simply fun, but none of this affects the health or the physical and mental growth of a person and although we understand that there must be a balance and life is not about exclusive and permanent exercise routine. We are here because our lifestyle is more inclined towards the passion for the sport than anything else.

That is why this time we are going to talk about the most important thing: the shoes or as some prefer to call: sneakers or fitness shoes in our area.

What function do these shoes fulfill?

The first thing they do is balance the athlete. At Uzafit we share the idea that we all carry in our body the perfect and natural way to maintain balance, we talk about the feet, and if we were in a prehistoric moment we would support the theory that feet alone are more than enough for any physical activity, but that is not what happens, rather we are located at a point where technology has made use of everything that surrounds us … it must be said that for each exercise routine corresponds a sneaker that complements and catalyze the balance.

If we talk about bodybuilding, weightlifting, athletics, CrossFit, deadlift, boxing or any other significant discipline in the fitness world they do not make sense if you do not start from the balance. The fundamental garment for that are the shoes, which we clarify, they are not like any in the market. Uzafit shoes are made by professional craftsmen who do the job completely by hand, from one of the most resistant materials that is bovine leather, the latest technology fabric with PU insoles and an extensive series of exclusive manufacturing features.

Balance the athlete has a lot to do with the shape of the sneaker, the sole does not follow the “Very high” or “Very low” standard of the other shoes that are normally manufactured by companies such as Nike, Rebook or Adidas (to cite famous examples) but they are specialized measures for those athletes who really devote their lives to sports, unlike the products of the aforementioned companies that manufacture for all types of public.

To close this area of ​​”Balance the athlete” we have implemented in our manufacturing the high cut sneaker. The high cut is always more comfortable and helps prevent anything in supination, pronation or in the worst case an injury of any kind and depth.

Any sport admits the possibility of carrying out very complex movements, from the beginning to the end of the exercise routine there is a very big requirement that each person executes at a different rhythm in a different time, but for that you need one more time Uzafit products, more specifically, fitness shoes for adjustment.

The fit of the Uzafit fitness shoes is based especially on hugging the feet, contouring the contours of the feet and giving a sensation of free fall when taking a step or making any movement. It is said that fitness shoes should be used in a gym, but the sport goes beyond certain machinery and specific exercises to shape and tone the body, our products are more inclined towards the extreme as we mentioned before: athletics, CrossFit, deadlift, insanity or other disciplines that are not exactly practiced in an enclosure.

The best verification test in the adjustment of fitness shoes is precisely that of practicing anything in extreme environments, people can say:

I like this model for training on the athletics track”, “I like this one for the boxing ring” or “I like the classic so I’ll choose this one for the gym” but in none of those places is totally put to the test the adjustment that matters so much because there normally training does not exceed one or two hours, however, extreme environments do allow to know exactly the adjustment because the hours are much longer, intense and with real obstacles nothing more and nothing less than the powerful nature, but, if we make a comparison between the two most common types of athletes … most do not even consider that the adjustment is one of the most important characteristics when choosing this garment and therefore in most cases they make a bad choice.

Fitness shoes are designed so that people get the most out of what they can do naturally through strong physical disciplines. The support is not only about generating comfort to the foot, or the fact that fitness shoes transform the fitness of any person over time, rather it is an intrinsic intention in the brand … an ideal for efficiency of exercise in extreme forms, that is: Of course fitness shoes are beneficial to the foot or to the whole life of hundreds of people, but beyond that they are beneficial because of the intention and passion with which we manufacture and offer these products, where sport is what is always dominating in a real way.

Uzafit’s fitness shoes adapt to the seasons, to difficult owners, to uncommon measures and to almost any difficulty because the recognition of dozens of users drives us to be better and to expand to more places to radically change the style of life of the passionate about sports.

Fitness shoes, a complement for everything

Here the most important things are the great physical disciplines, for many trying something new in their discipline is what should receive more focus which is very good because it transforms the sport level. On the other hand, it is very disappointing to make an investment in fitness shoes that also have an incredible price, for not to try something new in a certain discipline.

The fitness shoes are a complement to any sport, but also can be used on occasions such as: a field day, a field trip, a day of work and even an informal party. The best thing is that there is a variety of models for both men and women, each shoe corresponds to a modern style with a tendency to youth, however people of all ages can have it in their collection.

This shoes are designed for the risky sportsman, the one who is not afraid to look different. It is a bit heavy having to make a comparison with the big shoe industries, such as Nike, Adidas or Reebok but you have to cross the bridge or rather break the bridge that connects the wrong people with the wrong shoe, we do not judge the style and quality that Nike or Adidas have proven for decades, they do a lot of work, even expanding to other areas such as clothing and other accessories, what we question is the fact that true sports fans think that these are the unique and better options when there is much more in the market and we are the main example in this.

Let’s see the most important characteristics of Uzafit shoes for strong training:

Run faster and feel lighter

Lift more weight with more confidence

Jump obstacles easily

Unprecedented stability and cushioning

Unbeatable traction in any type of terrain

Flexibility for any type of movement

They do not slide

Maintenance facility

Avoid strong impacts thanks to the sole

Durable and Premium materials

Offer support by the sides

The other characteristics work as a surprise for each consumer, it happens exactly the same with other products, a clear example would be when we bought a vegetable that we knew had certain vitamins and minerals but when we finished eating we felt that there is something else, when looking that something more, we realize that it fulfills the same functions as a protein food, so we want the new or the surprise factor of these fitness shoes to be discovered by each consumer and of course share it with any athlete who needs it .

Normally for training men tend to make better choices, women are very concerned about the aesthetics or appearance of fitness shoes instead of looking at the functionalities so that training flows to its maximum expression. This type of footwear is part of the collections of men and women, but they should not be seen in a common way because they are exclusive, so even if they are part of a collection, they stand out for any type of exercise and also for occasions that do not have nothing to do with the exercise.

In what remains of 2017 the best decision is to increase the sport level with these fitness shoes. Leaving for the new year everything that can be taken advantage of during the month of December is a catastrophic error, especially for those who must attend high performance competitions, those who only have to advance a little more to achieve what they have dreamed for years, those who want to be of inspiration to many, those who have been told they cannot but must prove that they do … Fitness shoes are only meant to be the connection to success, it is only necessary for people to give a vote of confidence because we understand that there is diversity of thought and that it is impossible that this shoe pleases everyone, although, most times it is the majority that counts and because there is an inclination to the pleasure of people with fitness shoes.

The expectations of next year are very high, there are those who think that something is going to revolutionize in the world of footwear and the fitness shoes of Uzafit partly already have the lead with respect to that in a very peculiar way:

Fitness Shoes 2018

The designs that we handle with these fitness shoes can easily continue being trend for 4 more years, and in any case, they can receive improvements without any kind of problem. A large and well-trained team works hard every day to make sport lovers feel comfortable and able to perform at their different levels.

Fitness Shoes 2018

The fitness shoes are made by one of the few footwear craftsmen left in the world that makes the details of the seams, shoelaces, insoles, tabs and each part of the shoe have a quality that exceeds the products of many manufacturers.

Fitness Shoes 2018

Uzafit knows what passionate athletes face, even if they are not very interested in footwear they will soon realize how influential this is for all physical activity, so we are prepared to be an excellent ally and teacher to all of them.

Fitness Shoes 2018

In our years of experience we have understood that each athlete must develop identity with our products, we believe that they can overcome any kind of limitations so if the following year something momentous happens in the footwear market we expect our customers to trust that we can also overcome any kind of limitation. Life always has solutions for problems, and challenges can always be overcome, it seems like a philosophical thought but everything is geared towards what sport means.

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