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The history of CrossFit

The history of this sport tells that in 1974 in southern California, a college student of only 18 years named Greg Glassman, gets his first session of gymnastics training at the YWCA. When working with athletes in several gyms in southern California, he realizes that the traditional bodybuilding exercise routines were inefficient and did not improve physical condition in relation to the amount of dedicated training time, so he decides to focus on a training program that is durable and that emphasizes the varied functional movements performed at high intensity in the exercise routines.

Thus, Greg Glassman was the one who gave it a name and entity and knew how to make it known throughout the world. This North American who was dedicated to train police with this method in sunny California got in 1995 the first gym affiliated with CrossFit in the city of Santa Cruz and became the epicenter of the movement. Greg Glassman began to use techniques to train police in California. Later it was used to train marines, firemen and the US military. Today Greg Glassman continues to lead the movement with over 2,700 CrossFit Box affiliated with him.

What is the CrossFit?

This sport is a system of physical conditioning based on constantly varied exercises, with functional training movements, executed at high intensity.

The CrossFit is a training technique that links movements of different disciplines at the same time, such as: weightlifting, metabolic training or gymnastics, all with the aim of maintaining a purely corporal stability.

The CrossFit aims to develop human abilities and capacities: as cardiovascular and respiratory resistance, durable muscular endurance, strength, better flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, better balance and precision. By exposing the person to as many scenarios and combinations of movements as possible, an adaptation is achieved that prepares them for the unknown and the unlikely.

CrossFit today

At present thousands of people adapted this discipline as lifestyles. The training of the day is a very important concept of CrossFit. It consists of undertaking a program of exercises, push-ups, traction, in a determined time and with a defined number of times. The particularity of the WOD is the chaining of very varied and new exercise.

The CrossFit has as principles to keep intact the long-term motivation of athletes. Beyond physical training, there is discipline and the CrossFit in general focus on the mental issue. It is a way of life that must be adopted. The biggest advantage of the CrossFit is its effectiveness against physical conditioning in general. Combining cardiovascular work and muscular work.

How can you practice the CrossFit?

This sport can be practiced individually or in groups, and the sessions are usually short, varied, and adaptable depending on the level of each participant. The CrossFit can be practiced by all those who wish to improve their health until they become an athlete or elite athlete of the CrossFit.

CrossFit training

The CrossFit or WOD workouts last approximately 60 minutes and are structured as follows:

Warm up: Pre-heating is carried out to avoid possible injuries. The warm-up exercises are usually jump rope, sit-ups, push-ups, squats, spinals, among others.

Technique of strength A: In this part of the training the technique of different exercises is practiced in which strength, technique and power are developed. In addition, the largest amount of weight that one can do is sought depending on the exercise and the number of repetitions given. The exercises are usually Back or Front squat, Deadlift, Snatch, Hang clean, Hang clean and jerk, Planks, Bench Press, among others. Sometimes they are combined.

Technique Part B: This is the most intense training moment in which the amount of weight is reduced compared to part A and the aim is to increase respiratory capacity. Usually it is combinations of the exercises previously described in part A and others without weight or resistance as for example: jumps, pull-ups, rings, push-ups, sit-ups, running at full speed, swinging, pistols, push-ups doing the handstand, among others.

It is worth mentioning that there are different types of WOD. Among them, the most used are:


It consists of making as many rounds as possible of the combinations of given exercises in a given time. For example Amrap 20 minutes, available 20 minutes to make as many rounds as you can.


This type of WOD is intended to perform a certain number of repetitions of an exercise, or several, within one minute for as many minutes as possible. The time remaining from the end of the marked exercise until the end of the minute marked by the coach.


Another form of training is to perform a number of rounds determined as a goal, in a time limit to meet the goal or perform the combination of given exercises as quickly as possible.


There are 8 rounds in which 20 seconds of execution of an intense exercise are performed, followed by 10 seconds of rest and the number of total repetitions are counted. It can be a TABATA of two or three different exercises.

It is to announce that in the CrossFit, both in part A and in part B the amount of weight used in each exercise is personalized and always seeks to surpass oneself and achieve exercises with the indicated weight for each athlete. It is advisable to use a clock or timer to maintain the precise time, the number of intensity intervals.


The coach, or instructor, performs a group elongation of the muscles used in the training in order to prevent injuries.

The exercises are done inside the Box, (box) training place, and depending on your location and the WOD of the day you can perform exercises outdoors.

With a clearer idea about the CrossFit, we are now going to inquire about the type of clothing recommended for these trainings.

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