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  • CrossFit Shoes 2018

    The history of this sport tells that in 1974 in southern California, a college student of only 18 years named Greg Glassman, gets his first session of gymnastics training at the YWCA.

  • Training Shoes 2018

    Since ancient times, sport has helped to maintain the health of people from all areas, whether mental, optimizing their ability to retentive, speed in thinking, maintaining emotional stability…

  • Fitness Shoes 2018

    This post talks about everything that Uzafit offers in terms of fitness shoes, mainly about the most important functions of these shoes: balance, adjustment, support and manufacturing.

  • Weightlifting Shoes

    Weightlifting Shoes 2018

    It seems like something to ignore, but the truth is not, using the right shoes is vital when lifting weights, the advantage of wearing Olympic shoes is that it allows the torso to be in a more vertical position…

  • Boxing shoes

    Boxing shoes

    The word “boxing” began to be used in England in the eighteenth century to differentiate between the struggle to solve lawsuits and the struggle with rules founded as a sport. Today it is used to refer to a sport in which two contestants…

  • High Top Training Shoes

    When finding the right shoes, magic happens immediately. From running at a higher speed, to being able to lift more weight, thus, increasing confidence when performing any kind of movement,

  • Squat shoes

    Squat with weights is one of the basic exercises of strength training. It works directly on the muscles of the thighs, muscles of the hips and glutes, and strengthens the bones, ligaments and tendons of the legs and hips. Considered for a long time a vital exercise to develop strength and volume in the muscles

  • Workout shoes

    If you have made the decision to resume training using weights this year that is ending, or if you turn out to be a seasoned veteran who does not think what kind of shoes to use when lifting weights, it is very likely that you opt for shoes that are already in your closet, which is a possible that consists of a pair of shoes somewhat worn with thick and fluffy soles.