About Us

The shoes that will revolutionize the sports market! Uzafit is a specialized brand for people who train hard.


Go higher, faster, farther with Uzafit!

Lightweight, breathable and flexible protection that moves the way you do it, like a pro!


Uzafit boots are truly a game changer for athletes and bodybuilders all over the world because of its high performance in all types of weight training, squats, deadlifts, cardio, boxing, crossfit and obstacle course workouts in the gym.


The confidence of our customers at the gym and while exercising will increase knowing that they have the freshest and safest footsteps with Uzafit.


For those who demand comfort, style and above all performance, these shoes are carefully crafted for the freshest bodybuilders and athletes who live and love the gym lifestyle. The shoes are extremely light, giving gym lovers greater stability, comfort, and much more style to your workouts.


Uzafit is for those who demand comfort and style combined.


What are the boots made of?


100% handmade by highly trained craftsmen in Brazil. The Uzafit boots are made with the best materials, having its body in highest quality bovine leather, a PU insole adjusted to provide greater comfort, and anatomical soles containing a stabilizing bar that promotes greater safety and stability.


We guarantee that we’ve taken every delicate step to create these high-tech sneakers, which are created from premium materials that are easy to maintain and are made to last.


We listen to our customers, constantly refining our designs to better meet their needs and there are already many people who recommend Uzafit!

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